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I have been thinking about customer service a lot lately. Fear is a staple on both sides of customer service. Fear takes over the customer and the provider. Why?

As a customer, frankly, you’re used to bad service. You’re used to no one caring about your problem. You have become accustomed to begging for help  for products and service you have already paid for.  You have been made to feel that your problem is your problem, and that because you’re not a new customer, you no longer matter.

As a Service provider, you dread the day, the moment, the hour a customer calls you with a problem. They are distressed, concerned , and scared. They are scared for every reason and so many more mentioned above. Immediately you feel exactly what they feel. The stress, the anxiety, the tension.

Now is your chance as a service provider to step up, and change the way a person views and feels about today’s customer service. It wont be easy. You will need to stay calm and understanding of their problem and do everything in your power to assure them that you will not leave their side till all is made right.

You see, being a service provider of any kind, doesn’t make you perfect. You will have issues, you will mess up. But always honoring your customers will take you to new heights as a company.

I’ve been there. I’ve had customers information or needs fall through the cracks. I’ve had warranty repairs needing to be done. I’ve failed to get to a repair fast enough and many many more.  So how can you and I make a difference?

Its almost too simple, so get ready for this….. CARE. That’s the answer. CARE.

I have a friend who just started her own business and has had her first warranty issue. Her product that she shipped out was defected and it tore her up to her very core that customers complaints were about to roll in. But that is why she will succeed. She cares.  Let your customer call. Let them vent. Then calmly assure them of how much you care and how intent you are at correcting any issue they have.


Its that simple. So to all our beloved customers, Ones that everything went perfectly smooth, and ones who have had issues, ones that I have lost your phone number, and ones that everything that could have went wrong, went wrong…. you are valued. You are appreciated. And at the end of the day, I hope we have restored your faith in what customer service should be and can be in the future!



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